Kijiji Unsold Plugin

By evan on Aug 04, 2014

kijiji_logo1I’ve been getting pretty frustrated with kijiji recently. One thing that keeps coming up is people writing “sold” in the title rather than actually deleting the ad. Why? I have no idea. Perhaps they think people care that their item sold.

Truth is, people don’t want to see old expired content. At all. So I wrote a chrome plugin this morning to automatically hide all ads with “sold” in the title.

Apparently a $5 fee, a “well designed icon” and approval to release on Chrome Web Store. 1 isn’t an issue, 2 is a pain, and three takes time.

All that being said, I’m releasing the raw crx file for now, you should be able to install it manually.

There’s no settings, it simply loops through “.regular-ad” and hides the block if “.description a:first-child” contains “sold”. Minimal permissions,  and it only runs on http://**

If anyone wants to design a quick logo you can have attribution. I didn’t get paid for this and it’s not a commercial venture.

It needs to be installed manually, since the google dev program hasn’t gone through yet Right Click and “Save As” , then Follow these instructions 


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