They’re still at it…

By evan on May 03, 2014

li2rvKQAs I brought up in this post, some Halifax Regional Police officers find it necessary to violate not one but five parking regulations all for a burrito.

I mean, I like burritos. But I know if I park like a tool I’m going to get ticket or towed. As should they.

It was bad enough the first time. I saw it again recently, at a different restaurant. That time the officer was “serving a warrant.” That’s debatable, as the officer was at a takeout window, but the official word.

Now there’s been another post on the Halifax Police wall. It’s bad enough that the officer is breaking FOUR different MVA sections; it’s the same car.

Now, it’s not like I’m going out of my way to find these violations. I walk around downtown quite a bit at lunch and after work. I used to see 20 tickets a day on Granville St, and have friends who have received tickets for far less (17cm from a curb)

When are we going to start holding the HRP to the same standard they hold us?

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