Dyslexia Chrome Plugin

By evan on Aug 25, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 6.52.30 PMNoticed a friend joking back and forth earlier about the ALS ice bucket challenge with of his with dyslexia. As soon as I heard that, I remembered having done a site a few years back  and asked him if the opendyslexia font actually works.

Turns out it does! He mentioned he wished there was a way to make the entire internet change. You can’t just do it in the settings, it only changes the ‘default’ font, and most if not all sites now use their own webfonts.

That’s where chrome plugins came in. By waiting for <head> to load, then appending a stylesheet to head I was able to make the entire internet change font.


No, I won’t be releasing a comic sans alterative.

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