Doorknobs on city council

By evan on Jan 13, 2014

door-knobCity councillors reportedly have solved all transit and crime issues, Halifax is a utopia lauded internationally for their exemplary leadership. Sarcasm aside, from CBC:

The Halifax Regional Municipality is considering a ban on round doorknobs, in addition to a number of other building code changes that would make all new buildings more accessible.

Nova Scotia has had a law in place since the 1980s requiring new public buildings to replace conventional door knobs and faucets with levers.

Coun. Jennifer Watts said it’s time to consider taking it further to cover private homes.


I often have a hard time taking the municipal government seriously; This is why. Think about it, our city Councillors are literally sitting there discussing the benefits of certain kinds of doorknobs. Of all the issues in this city, this is pressing enough to warrant their time. Never mind rent controls, parking, the exponential suburbia, the hyper-taxation, the 30/sqft business leases.

No, doorknobs are far more important.

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