Halifax: we have a problem

By evan on Aug 27, 2017

I was curious about something the other day. Little did I know how far the rabbit hole would go. I was mostly wondering about Halifax vs “Other places I’d consider living” so left out Calgary, Vancouver, and a few others. They still came in above Halifax. To be clear, I’m not looking at leaving immediately. That being said, I have […]

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Assigning Blame Accurately

By evan on May 09, 2017

As a followup to the last articles; CBC has today published a new take on the security camera incident at a Cape Breton School last week. “We are actually going to be sending letters and reaching out the manufacturers in the very near future,” said Jennifer Rees-Jones, a senior advisor at the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada. The office […]

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The Russians are Coming

By evan on May 08, 2017

Last week several webcams at a Cape Breton school were discovered to be broadcasting publicly, and indexed by a search engine, at insecam.org. The camera was taken down after the incident was reported; but CBC’s coverage by Susan Bradley and Jack Julian leaves much to be desired. (Privacy Commissioner) Tully said passwords need to be encrypted and the length of time images are […]

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Trusting people on the internet.

By evan on May 29, 2016

An issue; Who do you trust on the internet? It’s a simple question, with a horrendously complex answer. Some of the key underpinnings of the internet like DNS and Certificate Authorities are trust based. You believe that https://google.com isn’t impersonating the real google because GeoTrust vouched for them. They believe Google because someone submitted a request from webmaster@google.com (yes that’s […]

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The story of a wild cat.

By evan on May 17, 2016

Ever find a wounded animal outside, and actually try to help them? I mean take them home, feed them, etc. Don’t. Because it will bite you in the ass. Not the animal, he was an affectionate little kitten. No I mean the raving lunatics that frequent /r/halifax. Someone accused me 2 years after the fact of abusing a kitten, and if you […]

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Makerspace Survey Results

By evan on Mar 18, 2016

I put together a survey and sent it to the HMS mailing list, reddit, linkedin, etc. As of writing there are 81 responses, one of which is an obvious troll. The raw data is available here  TL;DR: a space will never work for *everyone* but it can work for a lot of people. Some key points: Tech is far more […]

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Housing costs are killing a generation

By evan on Feb 23, 2016

I’ve been pondering this for a while, looks like someone with credentials actually put something out.  I just came across this article about how income equality is being driven by housing costs. It’s simple really.. Housing has been capitalized. 1/3 of my labour is directly and immediately spoken for by rent-seekers.. It’s a direct transfer of wealth. My last several apartments have […]

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An Open Letter to the NS Liquor Commission

By evan on Feb 23, 2016

Re: http://novascotia.ca/sns/pdf/agd-liquor-sale-of-growlers.PDF On what basis is there a regulation prohibiting the sale of growlers after 10:00 PM? You can imagine my frustration at 10:15 PM hearing about this regulation for the first time. I hope you understand how ridiculous this is: I can legally sit in the bar, drink beer, and then drive home (as long as my BAC is less […]

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XKCD nailed it.

By evan on Feb 18, 2016

Enough said.

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Your expectations are your problem

By evan on Feb 15, 2016

Stephen Fry was just bullied off of twitter. Where’s the trust and safety council? Oh, right he’s not a disabled woman of colour.  I’m sure some people would find that statement offensive, though factual. I’ll defer to Ricky Gervais: Just because someone tells you they are offended by something you said, it doesn’t mean you have to do the slightest fucking thing […]

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