(Another) Letter to cabinet.

By evan on May 09, 2018

Dear Premier, Cabinet members;

The Internal Services response team clearly mislead police, and your party, in order to cover up a career ending mistake. It is no longer inference based on available information; it is now an indisputable fact since the unsealing of critical court documents.

Mr Premier, you do owe the wrongfully accused 19-year-old “hacker” an apology. I believe you honestly thought the province was hacked, because that’s what you were told, but that’s simply not true. This has been clear to everyone in the industry for weeks. As I’m sure you’re aware, the police dropped the charges.​

You have been manipulated by the bureaucracy. Nothing will change that, what matters now is that you rectify the situation.

Read this: https://www.halifaxexaminer.ca/province-house/breaking-documents-show-how-provincial-employees-misled-halifax-police-in-the-foipop-security-failure/ . It contains excerpts from the documents used to procure information from the teenager’s ISP.

The Internal Services response team knew exactly who accessed the files, because a credit card was used. They accessed the site from their home IP address. These are not the fingerprints of a criminal. This is a Nova Scotian, whose government has failed him.

The police raid was clearly an abuse of power, but to be fair, they were lied to as well.

This is a gift. You have an opportunity to hold the response team, that is the Deputy Minister Jeff Conrad, the CIO Sandra Cascadden, and the CISO Robert Samuel, accountable for their actions in this case, and do so without adversely impacting the credibility of yourself and the Liberal party.

To be blunt: staff lied. The only alternative is they’re incompetent, but their professional credentials largely preclude that option. A Professional Engineer and a Certified Information Systems Security Professional have a responsibility to the public, to their profession, and to their code of ethics, that have all been grossly violated in this case.

Nova Scotians deserve better. You have a choice to make Mr Premier, you can hold them accountable, or you can continue to shield them and become complicit.

Silence is insufficient. I’m calling on you to do the right thing.

Evan d’Entremont

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    Imagine a locksmith
    Installing a lock
    That the locksmith knows
    Won’t lock
    Is that
    What happened

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