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Halifax: we have a problem
By evan on Aug 27, 2017

I was curious about something the other day. Little did I know how far the rabbit hole would go. I was mostly wondering about Halifax vs “Other places I’d consider living” so left out Calgary, Vancouver, and a few others. They still came in above Halifax. To be clear, I’m not looking at leaving immediately. That being said, I have […]

Assigning Blame Accurately
By evan on May 09, 2017

As a followup to the last articles; CBC has today published a new take on the security camera incident at a Cape Breton School last week. “We are actually going to be sending letters and reaching out the manufacturers in the very near future,” said Jennifer Rees-Jones, a senior advisor at the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada. The office […]

The Russians are Coming
By evan on May 08, 2017

Last week several webcams at a Cape Breton school were discovered to be broadcasting publicly, and indexed by a search engine, at The camera was taken down after the incident was reported; but CBC’s coverage by Susan Bradley and Jack Julian leaves much to be desired. (Privacy Commissioner) Tully said passwords need to be encrypted and the length of time images are […]

Trusting people on the internet.
By evan on May 29, 2016

An issue; Who do you trust on the internet? It’s a simple question, with a horrendously complex answer. Some of the key underpinnings of the internet like DNS and Certificate Authorities are trust based. You believe that isn’t impersonating the real google because GeoTrust vouched for them. They believe Google because someone submitted a request from (yes that’s […]