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A conclusion to FOIPOP
By evan on Oct 08, 2019

Things have been quiet for a very long time with regards to FOIPOP. The province’s approach of “ignore it until it goes away” almost worked. Almost. I’ve been meaning to write this for a while now, and have simply been too busy. I have some time off this week and the Liberal party reminded me. Thanks, Kevin. You can see […]

(Another) Letter to cabinet.
By evan on May 09, 2018

Dear Premier, Cabinet members; The Internal Services response team clearly mislead police, and your party, in order to cover up a career ending mistake. It is no longer inference based on available information; it is now an indisputable fact since the unsealing of critical court documents. Mr Premier, you do owe the wrongfully accused 19-year-old “hacker” an apology. I believe you honestly thought the […]

Applying PID loops to the Government
By evan on Apr 29, 2018

I was debating politics at 3 AM while roaming around downtown after AtlSecCon, and made a point that I think is worth fleshing out. The issue of elected senators came up, and whether they should be elected, how long the term should be, or if they should continue to be appointed. Canada is a representative democracy; that is, we elect […]

An open letter to the Premier and the Cabinet
By evan on Apr 13, 2018

Mr Premier, I’m writing to you, and Cabinet Members, regarding the FOIPOP issue that’s been in the news. Based on the emergency debate today, and your responses in question period, I think it’s very clear that you have all been briefed incorrectly at best, and lied to at worst. The issue at hand is not that the server was “hacked,” […]