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So I got a truck
By evan on May 18, 2016

I picked up an amusing truck.  2001 GMC Sierra, It’s large, it’s lifted, it’s obnoxious, and it was barely roadworthy bloody unfit for the yard let alone a highway. Missed a few key things like vise grips on the rear brake hoses. Seriously, who does that?!  To be fair, I got what I paid for and then some. I’ve been picking at […]

The story of a wild cat.
By evan on May 17, 2016

Ever find a wounded animal outside, and actually try to help them? I mean take them home, feed them, etc. Don’t. Because it will bite you in the ass. Not the animal, he was an affectionate little kitten. No I mean the raving lunatics that frequent /r/halifax. Someone accused me 2 years after the fact of abusing a kitten, and if you […]

Makerspace Survey Results
By evan on Mar 18, 2016

I put together a survey and sent it to the HMS mailing list, reddit, linkedin, etc. As of writing there are 81 responses, one of which is an obvious troll. The raw data is available here  TL;DR: a space will never work for *everyone* but it can work for a lot of people. Some key points: Tech is far more […]

Meguiars Headlight kit
By evan on Feb 27, 2016

Wow. That’s all I need to say. I’m very impressed by how well it works. It was $35 at Canadian tire which sure beats $750 for a matching headlight! The light on the right is a brand new replacement courtesy of the other guy’s insurance company 😀 The light on the left was really, really bad and was cleaned with […]